Our Saturday Bike Ride

Mr Tim & Mrs Kisses are avid cyclists. They always have that camera with them on their Middle Tennessee rides. And they are always willing to share their adventures with their adoring fans on social media.. And those three fans really appreciate it!

Clucks Outta Luck

Mr Charlie Dickens
He Raises Lots of Chickens
100 Clucking chickens does he boast.

But wait, let’s count once more,
There’s two less than just before…
Welcome to Mr Dicken’s Chicken Roast!

* An Original poem by Tim Ross

Mr Tim's WeatherCenter Tour

Years ago, while working at WSMV-TV in Nashville, I produced this video to be used when I visited area elementary school classrooms. It was always a big hit with the kids!

A Happy Marriage

A few years agoI interviewed fellow employees of WSMV-TV in Nashville. I was seeking their opinions on what it takes to make a happy marriage.

Incredibly Edible

Those ol’ frogs
They jump so high
It really is incredible.

But I guess that I
Would jump high too
If le chef thought I was edible!

* Original Poetry by Tim Ross

Are You An Artist?

I hesitate to reference myself as an “artist.” If you make a full-time living with your art then you qualify. Short of that you’re pretty much just a “wannabe.” I paint stuff… A LOT OF STUFF! But I also pull in some cash creating promotional and training videos. And I’m still a TV WeatherGuy on the RFD-TV national network.

One day soon all of my income will be derived entirely from my art (plus any money I can suck out of Uncle Sam). I look forward to that day when I can legitimately call myself “AN ARTIST!” But mostly I just look forward to retiring and painting full time!

This is me kicked back in my art studio. I enjoy every minute of it!

Onward thru the Fog....

I know... I know... everyone has a ding-dang blog these days! Why do we need another blog, you ask? The short answer... YOU DON'T! But... I DO! Yaaa... I need an outlet for my creative ideas. Hopefully you'll find this to be productive and stimulating stuff. Sorry... no politics... I've about had my fill of that kind of hoo-hah! I can't take any more... I just want to be happy and do my art. I've retired from that battlefield.

Onward thru the fog…