I come from a family of successful artists.  I’m thinkin’ a tube or two of artistic DNA may have squeezed out on me at birth.  

But a guy’s gotta make a living, right?  While pursuing my artistic interests, I became a certified meteorologist.  I'm a longtime Nashville TV WeatherGuy.

I met my wife, Sallee, at a church dance.  We were engaged four minutes later and married six weeks after that.  That’s a true story!  I rushed the romance along because, had Sallee gotten to know me better,  she would never have said, “Yes!” to my marriage proposal.  

I don't paint because I have an insatiable gnawing at my deepest inner being driving me to connect in some deep cosmic way with the universe around me.  Nope... there is absolutely nothing "heavy" or "ethereal" about my artistic approach.  I paint simply because... I REALLY ENJOY PAINTING!

I can best be described as a friendly, EZ duzzit, tall & skinny, picture painting, bicycle riding, ukulele playing, happily married, church going, family man.