Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Your Thing?   The other day someone asked Mrs Kisses (my wonderful wife) what I was doing these days.  She told them I was painting barns for a living. They immediately asked if I'd be interested in painting their home— inside and out!  Mrs Kisses quickly qualified her answer... "He paints barn pictures!"

What’s Your Medium?  I work exclusively with watercolors. 

Do You Paint ALL of Your Own Paintings?  Indeed I do.   Every painting that leaves my studio was painted 100% by ME!  

Do You Do Custom Paintings?   Yes I do… a lot of them… for individuals and commercial clients. And I guarantee my work.  If you don’t like the finished product, you don’t have to accept it.  But, if you walk away from it, you'll have to live with the guilt when you see me begging for food on the street corners the following week!

Are Your Paintings Affordable?  Yes!… very affordable!  Mrs Kisses oft reminds me that I need to quit giving my paintings away-- that, we too, have bills to pay

How Did You Get So Tall and Skinny?   I think it was all the corn I ate as a kid when I was growing up in Iowa.  Or… it might have been something in the water.
What’s in the Box?  My paintings are all hand signed (by me) front and back.  They come with an artist’s bio and a signed certificate of authenticity.  

Do You Ship to Out-of-Town Buyers?  Yes.  I ship either USPS Priority or UPS... whichever offers the best rates for any particular painting and destination.

What Is Your Preferred Payment Method?  I prefer the speed, simplicity, and security of PayPal.   Not a PayPal member?  No problem.   I can invoice you online via PayPal where your credit cards will be accepted.  I will pay ALL transaction fees.

How Do I Contact You?  You can yell at the top of your lungs but that might tick off your neighbors.  Email works.  There is also a contact form on this website.