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Yes... I'm the TV WeatherGuy!

Art is my hobby.  But a guy's gotta make a living, right? I'm often "spotted" around town and quickly identified as "The TV WeatherGuy!"  Yup... It's me!  

I specialize in paint-by numbers.  I’ve developed a stealthy technique whereby I lather the paint on so thickly you’ll never notice the numbers beneath.  Huh? Just kidding.  It's actually finger-painting.  What?  

There's nothing mysterious or ethereal about my art or my painting techniques.   Unlike many artists, I don’t paint because I need to commune with the cosmos or release my deepest inner being.  I just paint because… I really enjoy painting.  I'm also the published author of several children's books.  

I met my wife, Sallee, at a church dance.  We were engaged four minutes later and married six weeks after that.  That's a true story!  I rushed the romance along because, had Sallee gotten to know me better,  she would never have said, "Yes!" to my marriage proposal. We are best friends and have been happily married for many years.  

Amongst other pursuits, I enjoy cycling, hiking, snorkeling, skiing,  and golf-- anything outdoors.  I can best be described as a friendly, EX duzzit, tall & skinny, picture painting, bicycle riding, ukulele playing, happily married, church goin’ family man!  

I'm also a published author of several children's picture books.  GET A FREE BOOK!  >>>

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